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Excellence in Service Ltd is designed to be a one stop shop for all the services small and medium sized businesses require to establish and grow their business. As the company name implies, excellence is the standard in everything the company offers. Since most people and businesses contract consultants because they have one or more problems and are looking for solutions (rather than just activity), our emphasis is on identifying and implementing solutions. ‘Delivering business solutions’ is really more of a mission than a strapline.

As the founder and manager of this company, I personally provide many of the services we offer. My formative background is in project management and qualification development. I moved on to managing the business side of a medium sized company, gaining valuable skills in business turnaround, marketing and management in particular. I left that role in order to work with a more diverse range of businesses and develop complementary skills sets. I now offer services as a consultant both to new startups and to small and medium sized firms. I provide advice, support, solutions and project management for my clients based on their blend of requirements. If you have any persistent challenges, why not get in touch? Sometimes, just a fresh pair of eyes can shift a situation.

Benjamin Towers