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Alongside our various paid support services outlined on our services page, we are compiling additional resources to enhance business knowledge and skills. Below, you can view a shortlist of the best business books we could find. Each one has a link to its own webpage where you can find an outline of the book and, in many cases, video summaries and written summaries as well. The books are arranged by category and they have a rating within the summaries. If you think you have read a classic business book that is not yet on this list, please notify us via the book request option to the right. We love to have suggestions so we can make sure the absolute best material is summarised.


Title / Author / In a nutshell
The 4-Hour Work Week / Tim Ferris / This book creates the desire to live an adventurous life, then gives you the step by step guide for how to do it. Whether you have kids, mortgages, debts, a valuable ‘career’, you can escape the 9-5 too!

The 7-Day Startup / Dan Norris / This is a no-nonsense guide to eliminating any delays to actually starting a business (professional logos etc) and a simple walkthrough for how to just launch a basic business.

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