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Excellence in Service Ltd offers a range of services to small and medium sized business all within the broad area of business improvement. Whether you are a startup or an established firm, we can support your business goals. The main services we offer are listed below.

Startup advice and support

If you are just starting out, even just an hour or two of targeted advice can save you from a great deal of overspending, and can save you tens or even hundreds of hours of trial and error. This is everything from registering a company to setting up a website to finding an inexpensive bookkeeper.

Business coaching

This typically takes the form of setting goals and arranging regular dialogues so client and coach can ensure the goals are met, challenges are addressed, and motivation remains high to maximise the chance of accomplishing goals.

Business mentoring

Business mentoring focusses on delivering tried and tested business advice and generating ideas and options to grow the business. It also typically involves enabling access to networks where that is helpful to the client.

Business consultancy

Where there is a specific and persistent challenge in a business, consultancy can be provided to address and overcome it. The problems range from things like high staff turnover, too few sales or acute cashflow constraints. This tends to be short-term activity, often on-site, and can sometimes involve project management as part of the solution.

Project management

Often, when a particular problem is identified in a business and a solution is decided upon, there isn’t anyone available within the business to implement that solution. Hence one of our services is to provide the staffpower to do so. Project management is a skill that requires balancing all three components of time, money and costs. If even one of these is not controlled adequately, the project can be an enormous drain on a company. So it pays to have qualified personnel managing projects.

Business turnaround

This is a very narrow field requiring specific skills. A company might engage the services of a business turnaround consultant when the problems that company is facing actually threaten the viability of the company as a whole. Typically, companies heading towards this situation will wait too long before seeking help and in doing so can sometimes take the situation past the point of no return. The reason for this is the management, having overseen the company in the good times, believe they are equally equipped to pull it out of a downturn. The solutions fall roughly along the same lines each time: cut costs where possible, renegotiate with suppliers, make arrangements with any creditors, recover outstanding debts, use zero based thinking to trim product lines, streamline working processes and combine job roles, explore different marketing methods, look at outsourcing expensive parts of the business and restore or enhance the company’s brand in the eyes of its customers and potential customers.


There are also auxiliary services offered by Excellence in Service such as graphic design etc. If you are interested in finding out any more about any of these services, please get in touch via our Contact us page.